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| Robust excessive use of memory fix

        We had a report that the possible cause of some excessive use of
memory on Robust was its http server library (dll)
        And some testing does confirm it.

        Please get a replacement dll from:


        and replace the files HttpServer_OpenSim.dll and
HttpServer_OpenSim.pdb on Opensim bin folder with this new ones.

        On windows you may need to unblock the dll. Right click on it, see
Properties, then mark Unblock if present at bottom. Otherwise windows may
silent fail to load it, assuming it is a unsafe web download.

        This applies only to version and possible
        (this includes OSgrid OpenSimulator 0.9.1.dev.24df1086fa from
05-04-2018 and older releases)

        THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO MASTER 0.9.1 or derivatives of it
        (or next OSgrid releases)

        Thanks Terry Ford for identifying this possible cause, and Dan
Banner for extra testing.


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