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Diva Canto
Just an FYI that Avination has donated a considerable amount of
improvements they have been making to OpenSim internally over the years.
One of the improvements is vehicle crossings across sim borders.

This is an unusually large donation of code, amounting to close to 3,000
commits, and it requires a special process to handle it. The code is
currently available in a branch called avinationmerge; it will be there
until some of us have time to inspect it and everything is shown to work
properly. When no more issues are found, it will be merged with the
master branch. We expect these improvements to be in the next release.

Many people are already helping test it. If anyone else wants to try it
out, you can. It would be helpful to test that branch with people's
normal configurations, to find what, if anything, breaks. Avination used
only one of many OpenSim configurations, so we want to make sure all
others work. But:

(1) please do it only on discardable sims/grids, as many things may be
broken and may corrupt existing databases

(2) be ready to join the IRC for instructions on how to configure things
for new features such as vehicle crossings; nothing of that is
documented yet

(3) please report issues related to this branch either on the IRC or in
mantis, not on the mailing list

(4) things that are known to not work yet, and will need contributions
from others: SQLite, PGSQL
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