HG users' names sometimes don't include the port

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HG users' names sometimes don't include the port

Oren Hurvitz
The full name of an HG user is: FirstName.LastName @GridUri 

"GridUri" usually includes both the hostname and the port, e.g.: hg.example.com:8002. This is what we usually see, including what's shown above the avatar's head in the viewer. 

However, in one place the port is removed: GatekeeperService.LoginAgent(): 

   Uri uri = new Uri(aCircuit.ServiceURLs["HomeURI"].ToString()); 
   aCircuit.lastname = "@" + uri.Host; // + ":" + uri.Port; 

This is the value that's returned by the script function llDetectedName(). 

This makes the name inconsistent with other places. As mentioned above, the name in the viewer includes the port. The function osKey2Name() also includes the port. This means that checking the avatar name in a script returns different values depending on which function was used: 

  llDetectedName() = First.Last @hg.example.com 
  osKey2Name() = First.Last @hg.example.com:8002 

I would like to include the port in the name generated in GatekeeperService. Is there any reason not to do so? This particular code was commited in 2010, with this comment: "Thanks Marck for the patch to mantis #4941 (shortening avies' names on HG)".

(Sorry if you're seeing this message twice; I had trouble posting it)

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