Handling Home-based OpenSim Setups with Dynamic IP - Metropolis Solution

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Handling Home-based OpenSim Setups with Dynamic IP - Metropolis Solution

Ai Austin-2
I appreciate there are ways to use tools and web sites to map Dynamic
assigned and potentially frequently changing IP addresses as often
assigned by ISPs to home systems, but its a bit of a faff.

I was recently setting up an add on region on the Metropolis Grid
using their prebuilt OpenSim version which has some enhancements over
the code in OpenSim Core. I was very impressed with how easy it was
to use their mod to find and use the currently assigned IP address
for a home setup with dynamic IP.  Just adding  ExternalHostName =
"SYSTEMIP" in the Region.ini settings indicates that you want OpenSim
to use the current IP address.  I found it also works great when you
move the setup between hosts.. e.g. to mount the region wherever you
are.  I moved it easily between my home setup and a work system
without changing anything.

I was chatting to avatar "Alexandra Runningbear" on metropolis last
night and saying I found this aspect really useful  She indicated
that the metropolis developers offered this mod to go back into the
OpenSim Core code if it is wanted.  Is this something that someone
who knows this area of the code could perhaps look at with the
Gridmaster on Metropolis ([hidden email])?

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