Is this new - [LLLOGIN SERVICE]: no gatekeeper detected

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Is this new - [LLLOGIN SERVICE]: no gatekeeper detected

Ai Austin-2
I have been testing with the recent 0.9.0 code post the avination
merge on our University Openvue and my personal AiLand grids and all
is looking good... just a few minor warnings, watchdog timeouts on
shutdown and things which are being looked at - thanks to Ubit and others.

I notice one message which MAY have been there all along... or MAY be
a configuration error that I have just not spotted previously. Is the
following "normal" on login of a local avatar to a grid - this is for
the AiLand grid and the main owner avatar logging in and the grid
loginuri is

[LLLOGIN SERVICE]: no gatekeeper detected..... using

I cannot see why it does not think there is a gatekeeper. It may be
that it does not need a gatekeeper for a local avatar and the message
is just inappropriate.

Anyone know if this a new issue, a configuration error or a rather
confusing warning message?

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