OpenSim Fest March 1,2,3 2019

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OpenSim Fest March 1,2,3 2019

I would like to extend an official inventation to the Core Devs to come
and have a booth at OpenSim Fest, but even if core should not wish to
officially represent there, I plan on building a "History of
Opensimulator" display.

What is Opensim Fest?
"From the ashes of AvatarFest it is with great pleasure we would like to
announce Opensim Fest rising like a phoenix. Opensim Fest is the
celebration of the strength and diversity of the hypergrid user
community. For the community, by the community. The format, the idea and
the aims of Opensim Fest will stay true to AvatarFest and we hope to be
worthy custodians for Han and Eryn."

"We do not represent corporations, companies nor grids – we are the
customers, users, builders and dreamers who live out here, sharing our
dreams and creations with one another."

Our website is

The grid is hg accessible at

If you have any questions please contact,

[hidden email] or [hidden email]

You can find us in our Discord server as well ..

Thank You
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