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Pre-release announcement for OpenSimulator

Diva Canto
Hi everyone.

This is an announcement of the *second* release candidate for the much
awaited OpenSimulator 0.9, opensim- As usual, the release
packages can be found in [1]. includes all the code donated by Avination about one year ago,
as well as several more improvements made since then. The code was a bit
unstable as we worked through thousands of merged commits, and
correspondent regressions, but we feel it is now stable enough to cut a
release out of it. Many people have already been using it for a few
months, including OSGrid.

rc2 contains many fixes identified in rc1, including some important
permissions issues.

We're still working on the release notes [2].

We appreciate people trying out this release candidate and reporting any
issues back to us via mantis. We are particularly sensitive to
regressions -- things that worked in 0.8.2 and stopped working in 0.9.0.


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