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Re: First time setup of OpenSim - paths to configure (Ai Austin)

Ai Austin-2
Point taken that @Ferd made about not trampling on working setups for
FlotsamAssetcache.ini.  The choice of an asset cache is meant to be 0
or 1 of the three choices offered.  yet FlotsamAssetcache is enabled
(uncommented line) in the example.  If its not even sensible to have
such a cache for when using the (also default) SQLite DB, then maybe
the solution is to simply comment out all THREE options, meaning the
default is the "0" (no asset cache) cghoice?  Two lines commented out
would fix that unless anyone can see an issue?

The [Cosnt]  PrivatePort part is a bit confusing as it seems to be
something you have to configure.  @Diva, are ALL the places the
PrivatePort constant is used not actually used in a Standalone
setup?  If so maybe all that is needed is a comment to that effect
and just leave 8003 as the single choice there.  With (by convention)
8002 for a grid PublicPort and 9000 for a Standalone PPublicPort?


Another question... do we expect Groups V2, Offline IM V2 and the new
core profiles all to work in a Standalone and with SQLite.  I am
coming across issues as I test this using the comments that imply
they SHOULD work.

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