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Re: Opensim-dev Digest, Vol 17, Issue 83

Ralf Haifisch

there has been a JIRA i can remember where a "only allow avatar up to x
attachments" function was discussed.

The avatar lagmeter in the viewer was born from this idea.

And I guess, the idea is still pretty cool - would love to have that.


Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:17:33 -0000
From: "Chris Hart" <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: [Opensim-dev] weird idea #1: lightweight agent/ spectator
To: <[hidden email]>
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If a 1700 prim avatar using every attach point is not a mildly extreme
case I don't know what is! J The same rules apply to OpenSim as it does
on SL - performance and headcount depends on the crowd you get in for an
event and the design of the sim itself. Build a sim with many thousands
of highly textured prims and complex scripts and you might as well just
cut down your ram, step down your processor, and accept defeat. Code
optimisation is nothing without a little care and attention on the part
of the sim designer to make the experience as smooth as possible for


Maybe there's a requirement / option to have an "event" mode where you
block all attachments and deny access to inventory items to maximise the
number of visitors if you really want to get 1000 users in a confined
space, and consider using some texture simplification on the regions in
question, configurable for a region server at startup?



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