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Re: Proposal: Enable ossl functions by defaul

Ai Austin-2

>From: Mister Blue <[hidden email]>
>This email is to start the discussion about enabling the 'ossl'
>functions by default.

I think this is a very sensible proposal.

I think though that expressly setting the defaults to
be  OSFunctionThreatLevel = VeryLow and then providing overrides that
are beyond that is misleading.

I would prefer the default setting to be at an agreed level.. and
then provide the individual lines afterwards explicitly to reflect
that setting.

But a related issue is the awkward fitting of some perhaps commonly
useful and likely to be helpful to be provided by default functions
and their mapping to OSSL threat levels, so a simple decision on
which level to allow is not easy. Does this need a recheck and fresh
look while this change is begin discussed?

Which functions do people REALLY need to assume are there unless
grids need to lock down thongs more.

The default of OSSL being on with a choice of the level that is set
by default still, of course as Mister Blue pointed out, leaves it
open for any grid manager/owner to decide to be more restrictive
where that meets their own requirements.

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Re: Proposal: Enable ossl functions by defaul

Ai Austin-2
A few fine tuning things on this...

a) Now that the osslEnable.ini file is available.. the existing
commented out OSSL related parameters and examples ought to be
removed from OpenSim.ini.example.  A comment might be retained there
to point at the config-includes/osslEnable.ini file as the place to
make any changes you wish.

b) Mister Blue added an osCheckODE()function to allow scripts to
check if the legacy Phsyics engine is in use and which does not
require OSSL functions to be enabled.  However, it has been added to
osslEnable.ini indicating it can be turned on or off which defeats
the objects of a script writer knowing it is present.  I think this
will lead to confusion.  It should be removed from
osslEnable.ini.  But for documentation a comment could be added in a
new section labelled as "None and Always Available".  For clarity the
comment showing each such function (only one at present?) should not
have Allow_ in the front of its name.

   ; ThreatLevel  None and Always Available
   ; OSSL functions which are available whether or not AllowOSFunctions = true

   ; osCheckODE

   ;  ThreatLevel  None

c) A tiny improvement to one line in osslEnable.ini ... keep things
in the order of the name of this parameter. O(wner), G(roup)


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