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Ai Austin-2
To add my tuppence or ten cents worth...  I think it is important to
look forward...  OpenSim should be considered to have an active
development path even as Second Life potentially gets left behind
while Project Sansar and other VWs are developed to more modern standards.

We ought to try to work with viewer developers to ensure their
OpenSim variant or code adjustments can properly can do things with
accurate stats. Melanie has made some suggestions of having
capabilities or parameters that can be communicated to viewers for
reporting the expected frame rates. Do we need to call it a "fudge
factor" - or just an anticipated rate for "average"?  Communicating
grid and sim properties to the viewer is becoming more common for a
range of things that are not in SL.

I have noted in a Firestorm JIRA issue some points about the lag
meter and its relationship to OpenSim...

If there are serious negative effects in viewers no longer maintained
then perhaps the best route is to have a number of viewers that are
kept up to date as the recommended ones, while accepting that a range
of visual and reporting issues might exists in old viewers...  I
guess some people still use viewers that cannot support mesh, MOAP
and perhaps more already.

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