Release and pre-release announcement for OpenSimulator

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Release and pre-release announcement for OpenSimulator

Diva Canto
Hi everyone.

This is an announcement of new releases for OpenSimulator, specifically and usual, the release packages can be found in [1]. is cut from the 0.8.1 branch with a couple of bug fixes over the
0.8.1 release. You may remember that we did a previous in
between that fixed a nasty bug related to primitive assets. Hopefully
everyone upgraded their 0.8.1 installations. If not, please upgrade now
to, which also future-proofs your 0.8.1 installations, so that
they work without any issues with newer simulators (particularly
important in open/hyper grids). is the first release candidate for the upcoming major
release, which has been in the works since March. The release
notes can be found in [2]; the notes are still a work in progress, but
the major changes are described there. We appreciate people trying the
release candidate out and reporting any issues back to us via mantis.

Note that none of these have the avination code donation yet. That will
be 0.8.3.


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