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Script missing from database...

Sean Hennessee-2
So, while attempting to get my RothToo RC1 working while traveling the
HyperGrid, I think I discovered an OpenSim bug. Script goes missing from
database if it is edited while attached to the HUD at a different grid from
where it was created, and you go back to the original grid.

To reproduce:

   1. Create a box at your home grid.
   2. Add a script to that box with almost any script that does something
   you can easily check as a HUD attachment.
   1. I used this:
      2. Default { touch() { llOwnerSay("OSG script says, I am being
      touched by "+llDetectedName(0)+".");}}
   3. Attach to your HUD and test.
   4. Leave tester attached to your HUD, and HG-TP to another grid. I went
   from OSgrid to HGluv.
   5. While attached to your HUD, edit tester, edit/modify script to
   something that you can tell is different.
   1. I edit/modified it to this:
      2. Default {touch() {//llOwnerSay("OSG script says, I am being
      touched by "+llDetectedName(0)+".");llOwnerSay("HGluv script says, I am
      being touched by "+llDetectedName(0)+".");}}
   6. Save and test to make sure it actually works where you did the edit.
   7. Now HG-TP back to your home grid.
   8. Edit tester while attached to your HUD.
   9. Try to edit script. It will be “Script is missing from the database.”
   10. You can retrieve your script by going back to the grid where you
   edited it.

There was a question of whether AllowScriptCrossing is/was false or true.
It is true on HGluv. I suspect it is also true on OSgrid. Maybe someone
from OSgrid can chime in here with the actual setting. Hyacinth says it's
true on HGluv. I have also tested this on DigiWorldZ, but there are
suspicions that their setting for AllowScriptCrossing is false. I don't
know; they never responded to my request for assistance with scripts going

I have screenshots if needed. I also posted this on MeWe in the Ruth and
Roth group here:

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Re: Script missing from database...

Michel Beauregard
I have witness what you describe.
What I experienced with scripting hud is that its best to do editing it with the hud rez on the ground.
The way I experience work best is make a copy of the hud on the ground and the other attached. You test the functionality with the one attached . Then copy the script to the object on the ground .

hope it help


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