Still on Sim and Phys Frames per Second (FPS) Issues

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Still on Sim and Phys Frames per Second (FPS) Issues

- Original reporting of 55 simulator frames per second was chosen for closer
compatibility with client programs, In-world content region motorizing tools
imported from "the other grid", and most important "user minds"

- Heartbeat rate near 10 loops per second was chosen as the bare minimum
that allows a avatar to move to the next dance ball without overloading the
low performance managed code and framework.

Reported region value is not there for you. Is there for non-technical
skilled Users and scripts that acquired a perception of region health
looking to numbers based on a more time coherent 45FPS simulation system.

We should report that value again.

Profiling does require a deeper understanding of simulator operation to
translate those values.
Leal Duarte (Ubit Umarov)

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