Working to a 0.9.0 release

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Working to a 0.9.0 release

Mister Blue
Hello All:

There is an effort to create the version 0.9.0 release of OpenSimulator. This means a concerted effort to stomp some of the bugs that have been holding it back. captures the bugs that need squishing before the release. Everyone can add additional bugs to this list, but only the ones that are properly reported (i.e. with clear steps to reproduction) will be given attention.

Focus will be on what are considered the 'show stoppers' from general use of the new release so don't expect every known problem to be addressed.

The 'show stopper'  list will probably grow before it shrinks, but, to get to the root of the bugs we need testers and debuggers to help find the problems.

Join us on the IRC channel (freenode:#opensim-dev), this mailing list, in Mantis ( and by generally providing support and we will get an improved OpenSimulator ready for its next release.

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