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Ai Austin-2
[Tidier version of post without automatic (wrong) links added]

>Cinder Roxley wrote:
>For all intents and purposes, hop: has been abandoned. While I
>admit, it's much friendlier looking than x-grid-info: x-grid-info:
>complies with BCP 35 and the URL Living Standard.

Good points about Cinder's x-grid-location-info: proposal and work...
what is the current status of that Cinder? I just did some tests and
the x-grid-info: test links I set up do work with the latest
Firestorm in the address bar but are not linked for
clicking in Chat/IM at present.

hop:// (in Firestorm at least) continues to work pretty well when
shared in Chat/IMs and/or used in the top address bar... but not in
the map too where gridname:port[/region] is required.

Just to pop some links and posts from 2013-2017 about this topic here
in a handy form...

Cinder Roxley is developing a multi-grid teleport addressing scheme
that works in a similar fashion to hop:// in that it can be used to
launch or communicate with a running viewer and teleport to a
specific grid, region and location, as well as run certain app
features. It is being implemented initially in the Alchemy Viewer.
More details of the protocol are available at




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