llGetLanguage information for HG visitors.

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llGetLanguage information for HG visitors.

Michel Beauregard

I have post about the language information accessible through script via the lsl llGetLanguage function earlier this year.
That function came to live because of the care and attention from cinderblock with the support of Diva as can be seen here:
 http://opensimulator.org/mantis/view.php?id=7157 llGetLanguage

Unfortunately it does not provide the language information for visitor coming in  by hypergrid jumping. I have validate that in my grid stable and in osgrid  OpenSim Dev b34652e: 2016-01-26 . Using the same viewer with same preference. A local user will get correct language code as per his preference while using the same function a HG visitor will get en-us the default value.

I have dig further into the code. It uses  AgentPreferencesServerPostHandler.cs and  database access table agentPrefs.

My understanding is that when a user login  it triggers the  registers/ updates  of his viewer  preference through the AgentPreferencesServerPostHandler.cs . When the lsl language function request the language information it goes through the same function to get the language code and availability.  AgentPreferencesServerPostHandle is use to  access the agentPrefs table and fetch out the language information.

Naturaly agentPrefs are grid specific so that information store in it is local user specific only. Also its only accessible to local port in  grid login service . Would it be possible to get the data of this database made available via a xmlRPC call to the  home grid of the visitor in external port a bit like the profile information is.

Thanks for reading .

Ref :
En date de : Lun, 4.1.16, Michel Beauregard <[hidden email]> a écrit :

 Objet : http://opensimulator.org/mantis/view.php?id=7157 llGetLanguage
 À : [hidden email]
 Date: lundi 4 janvier 2016 07 h 29
 First, best to all of you for 2016.
 There was a lot of good work done in 2015 among which the
 setting of  llGetLanguage ( ref mantis ).
 I am using it in Stable build  prove this
 function to work perfectly well.
 But am  I the only one having notice this function lack
 of support for HG visitor.
 In my case this function still replies  en-us
 when  using same viewer setting, but with a HG traveler
 coming in the grid instead of being a local user.
 (can be validated by visiting 3d.gimisa.ca:9000:gimisa5
 region welcome mat) This mat  is set for many of
 the  viewer language ( singularity) with greeting sound
 and chat message,  but only work properly for local
 Thank you for your attention.
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