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Michel Beauregard
Hi there ,
It bee a bit that we did not get official release .  Since what I am relating is solved  in osgrid develpment release the best place for my question is probably here .

The issue is for bullet version of 0901 official release using vehicle.
 When a car vehicle climb a hill or road when it reach a certain inclination with not enough vector to force it up  with    llSetVehicleVectorParam(VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION,<vector> ) it simply spin  in place . That is the expected reaction no issue there. But when enough vector size  is applied to the vehicle using that same function its move out like a  skyrocket.  Its like its  changing to plane with no more attachment to surface it travel on. A downhill road will have same effect having the vehicle flying over the surface even on its own like moved only by friction force sliding on the slop.

The tested slop is about 60 degrees .

I dont think an official release should be left with such a defect knowing that this its solved in 091 version and was working properly in 0821 official release version ( as tested today with same setup )  . it be nice to foresee  an official release of opensim project inclusive of the solution to this issue in the near future.
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